What NICA can do for you?

Nica elevates your capture system getting hyper-realistic details of reflections, lighting & textures on objetcs, characters and landscapes.

How Nica Works?

Using the characteristics of a virtual camera, Nica captures and predicts a moving image. It obtains the elements from a photogrammetry scanner and processes them through its unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm, creating the real image with results never seen before.

3D vs NICA

The differences can be seen at first glance, right?

Nica x Film

Post-production made simple.
Nica is the best alternative to robotic camera systems such as The Bolt or Milo, making it possible to change the camera movement without repeating the shooting, create digital doubles or aid integration in VFX compositing.

Nica x Games

Introduce real images into game rendering engines, making the gaming experience more immersive.
Your artists will save time in the creation of assets and at the same time, you will get realistic characters, objects and scenarios. Why would you want to create something real from scratch when Nica can do it for you?

Nica x VR

Generate real immersive video content where the viewer can already move through the environment and interact with real non-3D objects.